Early Intervention
FLIP- Focused Learning Intervention Programme
Remedial Intervention and Instruction in Study Skills
Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy
Programme for Teachers/ Parents

Early Intervention

Early Intervention is a programme designed to help enhance the skills of children with any of the following:

•  Autism Spectrum Disorders

•  Specific Language Impairment

•  Down's Syndrome

Age Range : 3-6 years

Programme includes:

•  Special Education

•  Speech and Language Therapy

•  Occupational Therapy

Timings: 3 hours 3 times or 5 times a week

Goal: To provide enhancement of readiness skills that ensure a smooth transition to mainstream situations.


To help children with Learning Difficulties to develop coping and compensatory skills that enable them to access the curriculum, make them independent learners and raise their self-esteem.

Nature of the programme

The programme involves the students attending full-time classes at the Lakshya and Chrysalis Learning Centres.

3 months for 5 days a week. The programme generally commences on the 1st of April and includes two months of summer vacation.

Features of FLIP

The FLIP aims at the development of the whole child and includes the following areas:

Language: listening and speaking skills, following directions, understanding the instructions,
vocabulary building

•  Reading Skills: word recognition, appropriate speed of reading, comprehension and strategies
for understanding

•   Written Language: handwriting, spelling, writing with speed, copying, taking notes, creative

•   Mathematical Skills: calculation, speed and problem solving

•  Thinking Skills

•  Perceptual Abilities:
auditory and visual

•  Memory

•  Occupational therapy programme for improving handwriting and fine motor skills

•  Social Skills

•  Curricular Instruction


Outline of the programme
At the beginning of the FLIP the students undergo detailed testing for a measure of their current level of performance and cognitive abilities. Once the programme commences the students attend classes imparting group instruction in order to cover gaps in curricular areas as well as individual sessions for remediation of the deficits in their learning skills. An Individualized Education Plan is developed for each student and this is followed closely. At the end of the 3 month period the students are administered tests to evaluate their level of functioning at the exit from the programme.

The programme is executed by the trained and experienced teachers of the Lakshya and Chrysalis Centres.

Number of students: FLIP is a highly individualized programme therefore the number of students is limited to maintain an optimal student-teacher ratio.

Remedial Programme

Primarily a programme for those students who have been identified as having a learning disability e.g. Dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, written language disorder or with a slow learning ability.

The programme focuses on skill building in :


• Written Language

• Handwriting

• Grammar, Spellings

• Thinking Skills

• Language - listening and speaking skills

• Computation and problem solving skills

Age Range : School going children 5-17 years

Timings: 2-3 times in a week after school hours.

Goal : To provide enabling skills to help cope in academic work and in school situations

School for children with Learning Disabilities
A need based school for children with Learning Disabilities and Cognitive Difficulties was started in 2007. Currently children in the age range of 12-14 years are studying at the centre.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy services for children diagnosed with global developmental delays, motor delays, autism spectrum disorders, learning disability, ADHD and ADD in the age range- 1 year to 16 years.

The following services are provided:

•  Sensory Integration

•  Neuro-Developmental Therapy

•  Hand Function Training

•  Brain Gym

•  Handle Therapy

•  Training for grapho-motor skills [handwriting]

Programmes for Teachers/ Parents

•  Courses and training workshops for parents and teachers
• 120-hours Certificate Course in Education of Children with Learning Disabilities in collaboration with SNDT University
began in March 2008 in Delhi.

The most recent one concluded on 20th June and was held at YPS, Mohali, this was a 20 days training programme where parents and teachers were trained to work with children with learning disabilities by a team of professionals from Lakshya in collaboration with Centre of Special Education, SNDT University, Mumbai. The USP of the programme was that nearly 50% emphasis was on the practicum.


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